XF 1.1 Import Polls from vb Issue


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I have many polls that their titles include links. So in vbulletin they show like this:

The is the first choice of the poll

This is the second choice of the poll

But after the (test) import I've done, the poll choices get cut off, thus showing something like this:


without the link obviously as it is half of the proper URL.

Is that because of the poll choices character limit in the database perhaps? Any way I can work around this?

Chris D

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Ah... actually... BB Code isn't parsed in poll options.

Like if you were to simplify it and create a poll with an option like: [b]This is choice 1[/b] it wouldn't render the BB Code.

This would require an add-on to run the poll options through the bb code parser.


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Ok thanks for the reply Chris. One more thing to add to the list then hey :cool:

Though the problem is not only not parsing the bbcode, but also that not all the characters are present in the poll choice. So I need to solve this first and then make an addon to parse the bbcode.

Chris D

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I think this will be a simple template edit...

The responses are stored in a MEDIUMBLOB type field so that's pretty huge even with a large number of responses serialized...

So the limit is actually a hard limit in the HTML input.

In various templates, you will see that the max length is hardcoded, e.g.:

<li class="PollNonJsInput"><input type="text" name="poll[responses][]" class="textCtrl" placeholder="{xen:phrase poll_choice}..." maxlength="100" /></li>
But, unfortunately there is many places to change this. thread_create template, poll_edit template and possibly others.