Import language as child or withour parent?


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I have gotten a language file that I wish to use as my only selectable language. But should I import it as as child of the english language or without a parent?

I want to be sure to get notified of new untranslated phrases when I upgrade to a new version og xenForo.


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So the customised language should be importet as a child so it inherits new phrases from the default english? If I import without a parent, I will not get new phrases into my language when I upgrade xenForo, right?


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No, you should be able to get new phrases after updrating xenForo because they are part of the master language.
Creating languages as a child of a language will help you to create your "own language" and keep your changes alive if you update the instaled language file (Wrote a documentation for this, but only in German, sorry)


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Okay so it seems the best way would be to import the language as a child to the default language.

Alluidh I would love to read your documentation for this - Deutsch ist kein problem für mich ;)