Implemented Display child or children link forums on the forum index below its parent


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This feels like a bug, but I'm guessing it isn't for some reason, so I'm posting it here.

I'd like to add some links to various sections of my site on the forum index, so all the links are always visible (not hidden in drop downs) and browsable as a user scrolls the entire index.

I can create a normal link forum node, for example 'Media Gallery' and it appears on the forum index.

If I then create child link forums, they don't appear below it on the forum index like a normal sub-forum node would.

How normal forums work, you can see the 'Testing Forum' child node beneath its parent on the forum index.


With link forums though, it doesn't work.

In the ACP:


On the forum index, the 'New Photos' link forum isn't appearing, even though 'Display in the node list' is selected in the ACP.