XF 1.4 import from vB 3.8.8

I ave done an import from vB 3.8.8 into a clean installation of xenforo 1.4.5. Everything ist ok, so far, but i habe different counting for threads, user and posts:

Threads: 203.711, Posts: 1.381.680, User: 93.054

Threads: 203.784, Posts: 1.367.846, User: 91.737

What could be the reason for this?


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And what about the Threads?
The count of them increase in Xenforo.

So you habe less users and post but more threads.
This makes not really sense.


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The differences are rather small. This doesn't really surprise me as it's quite common for counts to become slightly off over time due to bugs. The XF counts would have been calculated based on what's actually in the DB.