Images related questions

I noticed that Xenforo is not using common file name extensions like .png or .jpg for attachments.
So I searched Google Images and pretty much couldn't find any of the attachments in this forum.
I've found avatars though of course because they have an image extension.

1. Is there a way to keep the original file names with its extension?
Like for example placing the ID before the file name would be enough.

It's very important to me as I have 10's of thousands of images in attachments that drive traffic to my forums.

Jeremy P

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Attachments aren't accessible to guests on this forum, so they won't be indexed. This obviously excludes avatars.

XenForo does append .jpg to image avatar URLs, regardless of their file-type. All (most?) browsers interpret the mime-type correctly anyways without the proper extension using the response headers.

Nevertheless, I do agree it would be nice to have the proper extension.. but it doesn't affect indexing at all.

Edit: appends to avatars, not attachments
I was just about to come back saying that attachments are blocked in robots.txt here so that's normal :)
And yes it would be nice to do it in a more friendly manner with an extension.
Thanks again for taking the time to answer.