XF 2.2 Want to name path for images in topic


Want to name path for images in topic but not image path names are numbers.
For example, I have images with the file name corresponding to its link as follows:
2 (34).jpg link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/644-b98ab0e6c5c5bd211d9f1257d5e30768.jpg
2 (35).jpg link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/645-4d88ff2a03134c2e89e8add2cb0d24ee.jpg
2 (36).jpg the link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/646-a9435bd10a3aefc70d6b946a79deced2.jpg

I want it like this:
2 (34).jpg link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/ao-so-mi.jpg
2 (35).jpg link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/quan-ao-dieu-duong.jpg
2 (36).jpg the link is https://zinghomnay.com/data/attachments/0/quan-ao-dep.jpg

That is, I want the link of the image to be SEO-friendly.
Thank you for your help
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