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XF 1.4 Images exif data

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by DaveM, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. DaveM

    DaveM Well-Known Member

    For some reason when uploading images the exif data seems to be stripped out of some of the attachments?
    As in this image it should have the following info


  2. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    Most likely due to the image being resized. So if the image being uploaded needs to be resized, the EXIF data is removed.
  3. DaveM

    DaveM Well-Known Member

    @AndyB Thanks Andy I wish it was possible to take the EXIF data out on the upload and past it above the image as a spoiler. This is so important to have this information available on a photographic forum
  4. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    This could be done with an add-on. But I would think in a photography forum most members interested in EXIF data would have the add-on available in Firefox and other browsers.
  5. DaveM

    DaveM Well-Known Member

    @AndyB Well yes this is the thing some do but other that run Opera, Chrome and IE cannot get it. So this is why it would be nice if the data could be inserted above the image as a spoiler for those that do not have a browser add on

    Now if you have the add on in FF have a look at this the same image uploaded but to two different forums. The one still has the EXIF data and the other not.

    This one is missing Bridge
    And this one has the data still in it The Bridge
  6. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    It's worth noting that in Xen Media Gallery, the EXIF data is retrieved from the image and saved before any manipulation happens.

    So, you should find that if your users are uploading their images using XMG, the EXIF data will remain even after a resize (a side effect of this is the actual dimensions reported in the EXIF section are of the original image, not the resized image). The XMG GALLERY BB Code also is usable directly from within the Quick Reply editor in threads. If you use the "Extended" GALLERY BB Code then images displayed in posts have an Information tab which makes the EXIF data viewable right from within the post.
  7. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    That is due to the processing that is done either prior to upload or after the upload. Sometimes the image is save with the EXIF removed and then uploaded, other time the image needs to re-sized and the EXIF is removed in that process.
  8. DaveM

    DaveM Well-Known Member

    Chris I am finding on both my site that using your gallery it is never an issue with the data being lost at all. The problem here is members still want to use the upload file method and this presents me with a bit of an issue especially on the photographic forum for the following reasons
    1. It would be far better to have all members images available to other members in the same place as in the gallery
    2. Disabling the Upload file would confuse new members as they would think that uploads are just not allowed

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