XF 1.5 I'm having an issue with sub-forum permissions

Brad Padgett

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I disallow a main forums permission "can view threads by others" but I want to allow it's subforum to be viewed by anyone.

When editing the permissions I am doing it correctly and editing the specific subforum with the permission to allow, however when testing a registered users permissions to see if they can view the subforums posts, they do not appear.

So I'm left with the main forum not allowing and the subforum not allowing either when the subforum is supposed to allow it.

Not sure what could be causing this issue at all.


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Can you post a screenshot of your permissions for the nodes in question?

Run the Analyze Permissions tool as well and post those results.

Brad Padgett

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As you can see both images show the permissions as different but when I test to see the results, they do not work.


I ran the diagnostics and they are coming back different then what the permission was set as.

The analyze permission diagnostics explain that for "Suggestions" (the subforum), the permission is actually set to "no" when it was supposed to be "yes".

All the other permissions for "Suggestions" are set to Yes except for the one permission I changed.

This could be a legitimate bug.

It seems that it's inheriting the main forum only in the permission that was changed but not inheriting for the others as they are set to "Yes".
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Brad Padgett

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Never use never (well, almost - if you have a banned group you can use never for it).
Use Revoke instead if you want to remove permissions. Never cannot be overridden.
EDIT: I was able to fix it. Thanks for the support. In doing so you helped me figure out what the problem was.

Apparently when you set a permission to "never" in the main forum, the subforum can't override it. So I set the main forum to revoke and then allow for the subforum and it worked like a charm.

I strongly appreciate all the assistance.

Thanks again.
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