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Hey :)

So, say I have two sub forums inside a parent forum and I don't want members posting on the parent forum, but I do want them to be able to post in the 2 sub forums, how would I configure the permissions for that to be possible?

With the permissions set to "inherit" for members in the sub forum, I am concerned that if I turn off the ability to post in the parent forum, they will "inherit" this permission and not be able to post in the sub forums.

Jake Bunce

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It will work. You can override permissions in the child forum by explicitly setting them. So the parent has explicit revoke and the child has explicit allow.


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Ok, so I need to go thru each usergroup in the Parent forum and set "Post new thread:" and "Post replies:" as "Revoke" then I need to go to each of the 2 sub forums > each usergroup and set those two settings as "Allow"?