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Mr. Jinx

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@truonglv, small bug or is it something on my site?

I blocked a user in a conversation.
When I go to: /account/ignored?key=conversation_blocked_user


There is no phrase and it does not show the blocked user.


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What is that count supposed to be?

I've a (0) count number but don't know what the label is supposed to be....

Mr. Jinx

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It is for blocked users. There is a new option to block users from conversations.
There is a permission to enable it, but the count is shown anyway which is also not okay.

Mr. Jinx

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Now it shows the phrase, but the list of blocked users stays empty:


And is the phrase "Conversation starters" hard-coded? I couldn't find it.
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Mr. Jinx

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It's phrase content type, similar with users, forum and threads.
Could you please explain this? I don't understand what you mean by phrase content type.
Normally, I would search for a phrase with text 'Conversation starters', but I can't find this one.


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After download and install (3.1.8):
An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
XF v2.2.12
PHP 8.0
Edit: After changing to php 7.4 the installation continued again. After the installation I was able to re-enable php 8.0. Maybe a problem with my server?