If Kier was the developer of Facebook...


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I mean, if Mark Zuckerberg didn't exist and Kier is the developer of Facebook, how do you believe that Facebook should be now?


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The Social Network movie:
  • would have alot more sex with a ton of hot chicks. (I think the ladies would go Kier vs. Zuckerberg 8.5 times out of 10.)
  • Might be a musical vs movie: More singing with Kier's sexy phone voice. (I'm happily married BTW)
  • More beer too. Good beer too, not crappy American beer. Probably more curry.
  • would be 9.8 on IMBD, not 8.2 :)
  • But definitely more sex. (pre-married Kier of course !)(Srry Mrs.Kier).