Not a bug If a custom Terms and Rules URL is used and that is a Custom Help Page...

Chris D

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...then do not show the Terms and Rules link in the Help Page sidebar.

I can definitely see a use case for Custom Help Pages and transferring custom Terms and Rules pages (which may have been Page Nodes previously) to a Custom Help Page.

Problem is, if you set the Custom Terms and Rules URL to be a custom help page, it adds a duplicate link to it in the Help wrapper sidebar.

I'm proposing the custom URL be detected as an internal link to a custom help page and if that's the case then do not show it in the help sidebar twice.


XenForo developer
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The terms and rules page is already a help page -- like the other special pages, I would suggest that they should be customized directly.

While in the average case what you propose isn't unreasonable, there are cases where it would likely break -- multi URLs being accessed for example. If it were to be done, it'd have to be done via a selector for a help page, though that does still potentially interfere with the simplicity of listing help pages (because you have to know the value of the option to determine if the page should be skipped).