XF 1.1 IE Fails to load Whats New


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I have got this really strange error that my users are reporting. I am using the standard skin and quite a number of users are reporting that IE gives them a Page Not Found error when clicking Whats New. Chrome & Firefox load it fine. Even the same users utilising Chrome or Firefox are able to load the page.

Has anyone else come across this strange behaviour? Any idea of a fix of sorts (other then telling everyone to use a real browser)? I ask as users can't always use a different browser due to company rules etc....


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I just clicked the link 10 times and eventually I encountered a "No results found." page.

Using another browser the threads show once again.

You appear to have an add-on causing the problem.
Disable all add-ons and enable them one by one until the problem returns to identify which one is causing it.