XF 2.2 Make forum go automatically to whats new


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How can I make example my subdomain https://forum.domain.com load the whats new page? instead of the default forum page?
I already changed the homepage in panel to the whats new url

But if entering the subdomain it still forwards me to the forum instead of the whats new page
Index page route is what you change to whats-new/ (note just the page like that and not the whole URL and training slash is important)

Home page is for a link in the nav to a home page that isn't part of the forum. In your case that might be domain.com (as with this site: https://xenforo.com/ )
This worked! My apologies I did not understand what u mean with changing route. Big thank you everyone helping!
Aha, glad to know it works for you. You can set that to whatever you want.

I have the index page route to a xenForo page with widgets, which I find works for me an dev is very flexible.
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