ideas to increase default avatar variety


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Importing a vb4 forum which had a default avatar set for new users to select, now in xenforo all users who didn't have custom avatars only have the [M] or [F] or [?] avatar. So the forum list is mostly [?] icons which is a bit duller than when users had one of ~40 default icons at least. I don't think it's worth the trouble of a custom importer to try and change the default avatar set selection to a custom avartar, so I'm wondering about ideas to increase the variety of no avartar selection.

One idea, since gender is not really relevant to my forum, would be to have a different default avatar based on the year the user registered.

Another option would be to have an avatar when no custom avartar exists based on the first letter of the username. I believe this is in xenforo2.

It could be neat too if you could specify a background image for each letter combination.

Or it could be another way to choose a random default avatar based on the user, e.g. day of month they joined, last digit of userid, etc.

Has anyone done anything of this sort or something else to increase the visual appeal/variety of the forum list when most users don't have a custom avatar in xenforo 1.5.x?
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In xenforo 2 it generates avatars based on the usernames, like how they do in popular messages apps.