I love Xenforo

Stuart Wright

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Now might be a good time to state this, rather than when we actually migrate from vBulletin :eek: ;)
I've spend the last three months preparing to move AVForums to Xenforo...

A lot of time spent deciding what existing addons we can use. At times, persuading those addon authors to add certain bits of functionality we need with varying degrees of success. Have experienced superb understanding and support from some clever and friendly people.

A lot of time deciding what addons we need to have coded for us, and creating all new specifications to evolve the vBulletin plugins into better Xenforo equivalents. Working with Chris Deeming to bring these addons to life. He's dedicated so much time to helping us that his media gallery is long overdue an update. Great bloke, is Chris.

We'll be going live (in a few short weeks) with over 40 addons.

Occasionally surprised at some obvious missing functionality like birthday emails. But frequently surprised at how easy (I am told) it has been to reproduce this kind of functionality in Xenforo.
I'm often enthused by the quality and quantity of addons. Refreshing the Resource section multiple times daily.
Enthused also to hear that Xenforo is gaining market share with 50% more installs than IPB (https://tools.digitalpoint.com/cookie-search). I'm delighting in the obvious demise of vBulletin.

I'm looking forward to learning to code in XF myself. I should have done this last year to save myself a wad of cash, but it can be a busy time running a business and a forum. And XF coding, requiring JS, jQuery, CSS and PHP classes experience is a long way from the skill sets I accumulated in my 34 years of computer programming.

What I like most is that it's intuitive and flashy at the same time. And also I have faith in the platform and the code. I lost that faith in vBulletin in 2009. I guess I'm investing in the people behind the product. It will be nice to get back on to a forum platform in which I have confidence, both now in the code and SEO, and also in its future. I love Xenforo. :D
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Preparing our migration as well. And have to say that I'm happy we made this decision. We dont have the cash to hire a dedicated programmer, but it's fun to see that there are so many quality addons out there and that a lot of stuff can be done entirely by altering the templates.


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Hope everything works out for you, Stuart. Moving to Xenforo was the best thing for my board, and I'm sure you'll have equal success with it.


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Welcome to the bright side, @Stuart Wright . Even though the community has some disagreements at times, the majority of us all share the same thing in common - a love for XenForo and a huge desire to see it continue to excel.

All Hail the Xen and the fab developers, staff and designers (both official and third party) that contribute to making it so awesome

*feels a group hug moment coming on and backs out of the thread rapidly*

Stuart Wright

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Thanks, all, for the good wishes. I think the biggest problem for me is that against my nature, I need to
There is a lot to take in, though.