I love this community and this software


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It's the better community I have found, I have never participated in any other forum so much, here the suggestions are listened and there are very creative and intelligent people, I feel priviledged to have been able to use this software since the first day.

Congratulations XenForo you are the best!


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I'm running three communities and I want to run more, administration is so sweet that it's more a pleasure than a job. I have strong confidence in this software and my life is much better now.

XenForo is much more than a nice piece of software, a vivid example of how things should be done :)


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For example, I have seen people that ask for a logo and members of this community have given professional logos for free without asking nothing in return. The same for addons, the Paul M's vB4 importer, Shelley's graphics, and fast and effective support. A place to share ideas and make great projects, where you can suggest something and if it is good enough it is implemented, also some people like Anthony Parsons donating money for addons.

I have not seen something like this in any other forum.


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It all comes down on how you treat customers, they really are one of the most important assets in any business. This is proven time and time again.


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No, customers are the only reason for a business to exist, without them you have no business at all, you have a going out of business salvage operation.


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The community is extremely welcoming that's for sure. I know if I post an issue on the forums that the response almost becomes a priority for many people. I check XF on my phone quite a bit as well as at work sometimes but when I'm home I try to help out folks as much as I can. Overall it's a great experience, and yes... drama comes with all boards in some topics but so far with Lawrence, Dean and Paul * they're doing a superb job.

*Peggy too while she was a mod :)


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The thing about this community is that it is really cutting edge, even sensational, born in the middle of a violent storm, I think history is being made daily and the story is just starting.

One day the Sun will come out as it always does after a massive Tornado.
There is a true sense of community in this forum. Two things that have come together that make it work. First, properly programmed and designed software by a company that collaborates with it's customers. Second, a customer base of innovative, creative people that help each other.


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the best thing in this community
is responses from official developers of this script
not to mention mod developer and their great work using xenforo
I just hope it would stay like this


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Not to mention the barefootedness :D

This is the best community for a software product I have ever found, ever! I love it here, love this product, and love the developers and mods, and all the people who contribute resources and help to others, just a wonderful atmosphere and sense of community!


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Its always nicer when a community is on the smaller side. There is no doubt XF will grow im popularity and the community will expand.. Thats a great thing for any community but it always comes with increased tensions.. Im just happy to be able to say ive been here since the beginning.. Its clear that many people here already know each other from other forums. But i dont see that as an issue on this board where i have been involved in other community migrations where it it was doomed to not work from the begining.. (of course it doesnt hurt that we are all forum admins) And another thing i like (selfish) but i enjoy knowing i got my hands on something brand new version one Beta of a product that is sure to make its mark on the www Lol its like being the first guy on the block to have a brand new Camero in the driveway. ;)


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The fact that most of us run our own boards helps too - we sort of "know" how to behave and we don't flame or waste time with negativity (well, not too much ... lol) - but most of us also have some level of technical expertise too - because we're admins, we have to know at least some stuff to make our own sites work, and we bring all that knowledge and experience to the party.

Mutual respect for each other and our work / achievements - coupled with a common goal to see xF succeed, makes for a great place to hang out.

<Stops to pass round the tissues ... go on, dry your eyes, I've finished now ... > ... he he he he :D


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I think everyone hit the nail on the head, this software is about community, the way it works it is a community software and the proof is in the pudding as they say.

From the outset the XF team have been honest with the people here - they have not offered solid deadlines and false promises. VB tried this approach but the problem was they didn't deliver on anything stable, meaning they lost any advantage they previously had - now people are begging for updates instead of concentrating on building upon the platform. I think also VB failed because when VB4 hit beta instead of internal testing it they let the people test it and submit reports and kept us checking on it. That's not our job, we are paying customers - heck, they should be paying us! I digresss.

Here it seems XF team has built a decent platform to build on so everyone is happy to do their bit, they never asked us to buy before seeing the product and I love the little cool things like adding the xmas snow to the forum - its nothing major, but to know someone went out of their way to do it is just really cool.