I know this is odd.

Pope Viper

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But just did an Impex import prior to bring it to XF, and while it appears to have been successful, I'm encountering some odd anomalies.

When I log in as my admin account, I'm seeing all current posts as of when I imported the messages, however, when I log in as my test account, or as a non-registered user, I'm not seeing those messages.

Not sure what to do at this point.

Pope Viper

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Jeesh, I'm a retard. I had an epiphany when I looked the profile of my test account. The time zone was completely off, and then I checked the date/time settings for the site, and those reflected the incorrect time zone as well.

Going to crawl back into my hole in embarrassment.

Pope Viper

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Another thing that's been irritating the heck out of me is not being able to get the code tag to work in Vbulletin.

<img src="http://theorder.nma-fallout.com/lux/a/mp3.jpg"  title="Achievement for Service to the Motherland (20p)" /> <img  src="http://theorder.nma-fallout.com/lux/a/mp6.jpg" title="The Terrorist  Achievement (15p)" /> <img  src="http://theorder.nma-fallout.com/lux/a/n2.jpg" title="Unkillable  (10p)" /> <img src="http://theorder.nma-fallout.com/lux/a/n21.jpg"  title="The Bad Karma Achievement (-25p)" />
Then it would wrap it, and be able to display it. However, when I do the above, it parses it and displays the images.

I've got HTML turned on (for that one group/forum). If I try to wrap it in PHP tags it works, but when I go to edit the message, it turns into this:

Removed other images due to being parsed.

I truly have no idea what's going on.