XF 2.2 I bought the installation but is that all I need?


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When I purchased the installation, it said that I may also need MySQL and something else, that the installation fee does not cover. So what all is actually needed to have Xenforo up and running? Why would I need those other two things? Sorry for the newb questions, I am not a server admin. But I have no problem fully learning the Xenforo program.

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I did fill out my host information when I purchased a license, but it didn't ask me for my login information anywhere. Nor did it ask me for it when I later purchased the installation. So I'm not sure how Xenforo can be installed to my host, when the installer can't login. Will I receive a private message on this board, later today?

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Have you purchased hosting and a domain (URL)?

If you have then your host/registrar can confirm that the server is already configured and the nameservers have been set up for the domain.

Once you have verified that, log in to your XF customer account and complete and submit the installation form.

If you have cPanel then just provide the log in details for that and we will do the rest.

If not, you will need to create a database and provide FTP and mySQL credentials. Again, your host can help with that.
Ok I have submitted that form. I was somewhat unsure of what to fill in for the cpanel stuff. So I just put the cpanel URL that leads to my blank website, if entered into the web browser's address bar. As well as the Cpanel login info.
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Is there a video that details all the basic functions of the Xenforo program? I have no problem learning the whole program, but you gotta start somewhere! So a beginner's video would be very helpful.
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