XF 1.5 https, Tapatalk and iOS?


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So I logged in to Tapatalk Admin today and saw this warning...

Your site is currently not running in HTTPS. Please switch to HTTPS by updating the Site URL in Site Settings. Your site will not work on iOS as per the Apple ATS requirement

Apparently App Transport Security REQUIRED January 2017

I can't seem to find much discussion on this subject on the TT forums, does this mean all of us that run Tapatalk have no option but to switch to https, otherwise Tapatalk on ios will stop working from January? I can't afford to lose TT, I have a considerable amount of users on TT.

I have no clue what https is really, is it something to do with SSL? Does it cost much and can it be installed on shared servers?



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Some shared servers ( hosts ) allow use of SSL certificates on your domain. If you are using cPanel, ask the host to give you an option to install an SSL certificate.