XF 1.5 HTTPS is not being set by the server automatically


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I have https, and my site run on nginx.
https is working, all http is redirected to https, but if I link word in post with my forum link without http/https, after saving post, result is that xenforo automatically put http but not https in front of link. I tried to add $_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on'; in config.php file, but result is same.

example (raw bbcode):

[URL='www.pijanitvor.com']Test link[/URL]

After post is submitted:

[URL='http://www.pijanitvor.com']Test link[/URL]

Jake B.

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I'm sure that's done intentionally, as long as your redirects are in place and working it won't be an issue, but if it defaulted to https and someone linked to a site that doesn't support SSL you'll have issues