Add-on HTML5 based Arcade

I was wondering if anyone here knows or could code an addon for a HTML5 based arcade for Xenforo? Currently it appears that XF Arcade won't be supported anytime soon, with the maker stating they have no plans to support it for XF 2. I've also contacted DragonByte Tech to see if they had any plans on porting over an arcade from VB, but due to flash (which most arcade games are made) being phased out by HTML5, they don't have any plans either.

So just wondering if anyone here has any plans of possibly setting up a HTML5 based arcade in the near future? Or has knowledge of setting up a arcade on a domain of its own and bridging the forum to the arcade?
I would imagine most newer big addons like this would be probably won't happen until after xF2 is released. I'm just guessing but I can't see someone taking the time to code hundreds of thousands of lines of code to have to turn around and do it again when xF2 is right around the corner. I'm not a coder and I don't speak for them but this is just my opinion on the matter.
I didn't mean for it to be coded right now, just trying to see if there is any interest. Like you pointed out I'm looking at this being made for XF 2 since right now it seems there won't be a supported arcade (unless XF arcade somehow magically keeps working on the next version).
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