1. F

    Duplicate A Xenforo Arcade

    Is there an arcade planned for Xenforo 1 or 2? Something like vBArcade for users that want to switch to Xenforo. If there's not an official mod planned, are there any individuals who are working on it or would be willing to work on it if they were paid? Regards.
  2. Demon_skeith

    Add-on HTML5 based Arcade

    I was wondering if anyone here knows or could code an addon for a HTML5 based arcade for Xenforo? Currently it appears that XF Arcade won't be supported anytime soon, with the maker stating they have no plans to support it for XF 2. I've also contacted DragonByte Tech to see if they had any...
  3. x8BiTw0LFx

    XF 1.5 Remove elements from profile box

    Hi :) I've installed @xfrocks Arcade add-on: but after testing games and deleting them afterwards, the "champion" high score is still displayed in profile box. Do anyone know how to delete them? Example: Best regards Christian
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