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XF 1.1 HTML in Signatures / Incremental Rank Images?

I'd better preface this by apologizing if this has been asked before, I've searched through the Resources, forums and even google to try and find out if this was possible but could find nothing. If it has been asked an answered, I apologize!

Having said that, I'm working on porting someone's board from vB3 to xF and one feature that is a necessity is HTML in signatures. I know this is not a part of xF by default, but is it possible to enable HTML in signatures or has there been a resource created to do so that I have overlooked?

The other thing I wanted to ask is: is there a way to implement an incremental rank system, so that when a member reaches a certain number of posts they get a new rank bar (ie: the board in question uses a pretty standard image of a bar, which fills up as you post more, though obviously this does not include staff, who have their own rank bars)? I remember reading that staff can have rank images, but that these overwrite custom titles, which the owner of the forum doesn't want. Is there a way to get this done that doesn't involve overwriting custom titles?

Ah, I figured there had to be an add-on for the ranks, I just couldn't seem to find it!

As for the other bit, that's not quite what I'm looking for. I'll keep looking, though!

Thanks Shelley :)