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Driven 2's has been handling specialty forum development, migration, server administration and consulting since 2008. Our founder has worked with forums since the mid-1990s, including building a huge early "big board", and custom coding one of the first forum photo galleries. We know forums - it's our passion.

From small boards to those with tens of millions of posts, we've handled a variety of forums and unique situations. We have a library of custom scripts we've built over the years, and have handled forum import from software no one else in the world has.

We'll work for you to help insure your migration to Xenforo is a success.

Incremental Imports
We have "incremental" imports available built with in-house tools no one else has. This allows us to do an initial import staging environment, then later import new content from your old forum when your new Xenforo is ready to go live. It can reduce downtime when you "go-live" to seconds or minutes depending on your forum size. This service is available for:
  • Xenforo 1.5 to Xenforo 2.x upgrades
  • MyBB 1.8
  • vBulletin 3.x / 4.x
Available Forum Imports (Contact us if you have a forum not listed!)
  • vBulletin 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x
  • Invision Community (IPS, IPBoard) 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
  • Wolt Lab Burning Board 2.x through 5.x
  • phpBB 2.x and 3.x
  • WordPress bbPress, SimplePress and wpForo
  • MyBB 1.8
  • UBB.Threads 6.x and 7.x **
  • Drupal Forum 5.7 through 7.x
  • Joomla Kunena 1.x through 5.x
  • Telligent Community Server
  • Discourse
  • SMF 1.x and 2.x
  • Flarum
  • Comma Separated Value files (CSV) for Users, Threads, And Posts
  • DCForum 6.x flat file/Perl and DCF+ (DCForum SQL/PHP)
  • Expression Engine
  • FluxBB 1.5.x
  • FusionBB 2.x
  • Ikonboard 3.x
  • PunBB 1.x
  • Snitz 3.4+
  • Yabb 2.x
  • Vanilla 1.x and 2.x
  • Xoops CMS and Forum (XForum, NewBB, bXPress and cBB)
  • Listserv Email list in mbox or .txt format.

Add-on Data To Xenforo Add-on Migration

"From" Add-on"To" Xenforo Add-on (or core feature)
Xenforo Bookmarks
  • vbSEO URL redirects
  • DragonByte SEO URL redirects
  • SMF Pretty URLs
  • Custom URL redirects for 3rd party add-on to similar Xenforo add-on URLs.
Xenforo URLs.
Xenforo Reactions.
  • vB 4.x Social Groups
  • vB 5.x Social Forums
[tl] Social Groups or Snogs' Social Groups
  • vB 5.x Social Groups
OzzModz Social Groups
XenPorta, XenAddons UBS, XenAddons AMS or Xenforo Resource Manager, Xenforo Article Threads
XPress WordPress Bridge
  • Xenforo Resource Manager
XenAddons AMS, XenAddons UBS orXenAddons Showcase
Trader, Feedback System, or XenAddons Classified Ads feedback
  • vBulletin DBTech Downloads
  • vB Downloads II
Xenforo Resource Manager
  • vB Albums
  • vB Gallery
  • vB PhotoPost
  • vb Pic Gallery
  • vBulletin 5.x User Galleries & Albums
  • DTO Gallery
  • DTO Garage
  • DragonByte Tech Gallery
  • phpBB Gallery
  • SMF Gallery
  • Coppermine Gallery
  • PhotoPlog
  • XenMedia
  • "Gallery 2" aka Menalto Gallery
  • File system (imports directories as categories, and each directory as an album along with the images)
Xenforo Media Gallery
  • vB Drive Thru Online (DTO) Gallery
XenAddons Showcase
  • vB DragonByte Shop
DragonByte Shop
  • vB Pro Garage
  • DTO Garage
  • DTO Gallery
Xenforo Resource Manager or XenAddons Showcase
  • XenPorta
Bob's Showcase or Bob's Article Management System
  • AuLait Link Directory for XF 2.x
XenAddons Link Directory
Snogs' Social Groups

Service price:
Big boards over 1 million posts: $150 + $25 per each additional million posts (ie: 2 million post forum: $150 + $25 = $175). Boards under 1 million posts are $150. This is for stock vBulletin and Invision installations. Contact us for other platforms or if you have special needs such as add-on data imports.

What is imported? (vBulletin & Invision Community Suite - Other platforms vary)
Forums and permissionsThreadsThread prefixesPosts
PollsUsers and permissionsUser groups and permissionsAttachments
AvatarsCustom BB codes (most cases)Custom SmiliesAdmins, Moderators and permissions
Private MessagesVisitor Messages (profile posts)vB Blogs to threadsURL redirects
Reputation points to Reactions

Migrations can either be handled on one of our powerful servers and then transferred to your server, or the entire process on your server.

*Bonus for VBulletin 4.x CMS:
Xenforo's native vB4 CMS import does not correctly import the article text in many cases. Instead, it creates a post with a note that the article can be found by following a link (and the link doesn't work). We have a custom importer that handles these type of entries, and it also comes with a custom redirection script to correctly handle redirecting vB CMS articles.

Note: We do not work on the sites whose content features or promotes human trafficking, harm to people or animals, violates the rights of third-parties (including unlicensed software), discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability, or illegal drugs.
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Review: In December 2018, our 4WD club contracted with @MySiteGuy to handle our forum migration from vBulletin 3.8.11 to the latest version of XenForo. The process was painless -- he took care of all the heavy lifting during the entire process. Here are some things that were really good:
  • The process was fast. The old forum had been backed up completely and the new forum was up and running in less than 24 hours.
  • Good Practices. He has a defined process that preserves the capability to roll back if necessary. Nothing is put at risk (and we have 13 years of posts that we didn't want to lose). He also helped us move to https for the new forum.
  • Good communication. Where there were tweaks that needed to be made, he responded to my requests within hours and fixed them.
  • Customization was preserved. We had a few things that had been customized over the years (like a ton of smileys unique to our club). He took care of keep these and bringing them over to the new forum.
  • Knowledge of forums and software. We asked a ton of very detailed questions. MySiteGuy was our reliable guru with solid answers that helped.
Now that we're on XenForo, we are hoping we won't need to migrate again for a while, but we would use him again in a heartbeat if we needed to.

Our forum is here in case you're interested.
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Around the middle of Feb 2019, I contacted @MySiteGuy to handle the upgrade from version 1.5.6 to 2.1.
He was able to handle the upgrade without issue. I tried doing myself but kept running into problems with such a major upgrade.
He was quick and the price was in keeping with such an undertaking.

Wholeheartedly recommend him.

My forum is located here if you would like to check it out.
First post updated with this additional info:

Bonus for VBulletin 4.x CMS:
The Xenforo 2.x VB4 CMS importer does not correctly import the article text in many cases. Instead, it creates a post with a note that the article can be found by following a link (and the link doesn't work). We have a custom importer which not only handles this situation, but it also comes with a custom redirection script to correctly handle redirecting VB CMS articles.
I cannot say enough great things about @MySiteGuy !

I had a 12 year old vbulletin 4 forum with hundreds of thousands of posts. I had no idea what I was doing. He took my backup, cleaned it up and imported it flawlessly into xenforo for me. Everything was exactly as it was before. He communicated the whole way, and completed the job in 1 day! Even followed up to make sure I was happy.

Absolute lifesaver!

Highly recommend and would absolutely use his services again.
Hello, I'd like to get a quote and make an order. I'm migrating from vB 4 with VBSEO installed to Xenforo 2.1.

Please get in touch.
Hello, I'd like to get a quote and make an order. I'm migrating from vB 4 with VBSEO installed to Xenforo 2.1.

Please get in touch.

Sorry, I did not see this post until today. I can get quite busy with migrations, and the best way to get my attention is via my web site, or starting a conversation. :)
I'm happy to announce Driven 2 now supports the following forum migrations:
  • DCForum 6.x (Perl, flat file DCForum)
  • DCF 1.x (PHP and MySQL DCForum)
Items imported:
User groups
Categories and Forums
Threads and Posts
Private Messages
Moderators and Admins

Contact us for scheduling and pricing.
We now support Joomla CMS to Xenforo 2.x Resource Manager imports in addition to our previous Joomla CMS > Xenforo 1.x Resource Manager imports. Contact us for scheduling and pricing.
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We now support Coppermine to Xenforo 2.x Media Gallery imports! Contact us for scheduling and pricing.
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