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HTML in Custom Titles 1.5

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Chris D

XenForo developer
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Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

This add-on will allow people who may edit their Custom User Title to use some HTML tags in their Custom User Title.

The tags that are allowed to be used can be configured in the Admin CP > Options > User Registration.


The end result can look like this:


The easiest way to install this add-on is if you use the Add-On Installer.

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract its contents to your hard drive.
  3. Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
  4. Complete install via the Admin CP using the provided XML file.
Can you also add the option which allows members or admins, to colour code usernames ? It will be good if members would pick and choose the colour of their username.
Nice add-on Chris, however, strip_tags doesn't remove attributes.

It creates the potential to have this add-on do unwanted things, such as <b style="background:red;width:600px"> or even worse, <b onclick="window.location('')">.

For the next version, perhaps you can incorporate some regex to strip anything after the initial tag :)
Nice addon Chris. May I recommend that you include the following features:

1. Enable/disable open links in new window
2. Enable/disable nofollow tag for all links
Excellent work (as usual).

Small suggestion: have the add-on increase the limit from 50 chars to something higher (varchar custom_title needs to be upped, and the Xenforo User datawriter PHP). 50 seems way too low when hrefs etc are involved.

Thank you Chris :D
I'm wanting to put <img> tags in, however, I need to somehow expand the max characters beyond 50. Is that possible?
Only with changes to the database tables. There's a maximum limit on that field in the database of 50 characters.
Hmmm. This feature is something I'd really like to do. Any guidance on how to do so, or would it totally hose things up?
Hmmm. This feature is something I'd really like to do. Any guidance on how to do so, or would it totally hose things up?

You should be able to just edit the maximum length in the database using your favourite software (i.e. phpmyadmin).
And the max length value in the data writer.

I haven't got time to get into this right now, but if you make a post elsewhere on the forum or if someone else has more time to help they will talk you through it.

Ideally you should request it as an add-on, though, or you'll have a core file edit that you would need to edit each time you do a XenForo upgrade.
I found the entry in the database for that particular field (Xf_user, custom_title), I'm going to mess around there, and see how that works out.

Thanks Chris!
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