How to wrap the XF header and footer around custom pages?


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Take Photopost for example. Many people want an advanced style integration so that the gallery becomes part of the rest of the site. To do this it is needed to display the XF header and the XF footer, above and below Photopost content.

Is this possible?

Chuck S said:
there was no possibility to do enhanced integration because there is no way to include some global file from xenforo and then use a variable like $header and $footer to print the xenforo header footer.

xenforo customers and can access xenforo support to ask if there is the ability that they can create there own custom page and use the xenforo header footer by including some global file and using a header footer variable to print those things. That would give you and I both the quickest answer. Two I asked for access to look at there xenforo code to see if anything changed. To date I have not received any reply from either user. I heard in threads I will set things up and let you know. That was awhile ago.
Full XenForo integration?


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PhotoPost has tried testing Kotomi, but it doesn't work like needed.

In order for PhotoPost to add enhanced integration, XF has to be able to pull the header and footer html into two variables which PP can use. Similar to how VB does it. I'm not a programmer...I'm repeating what has been said.

There are many benefits to XF if third party developers were able to easily integrate XF's style into their scripts. Many admins use those other scripts and may be looking to move away from their current forum or be looking to add a forum.

We can only hope that there will be a solution...


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Incase you missed this:

I am glad to report that thanks to alot of help from Mike Sullivan from Xenforo and alot of time on Skype this morning full integration with xenforo is going to be possible. It will be a few days for me to beatify things make the necessary stuff to support everything dymically but we will grab the header footer of xenforo and all user authentication etc style and the xenforo breadcrumb will contain our breadcrumb as well as users will be able to generate an xml addon to add in a gallery tab with all menu links in the xenforo navigation bar with that tab selected just like in vbulletin 4. Read more...

Thanks to Chuck and Mike! :)