XF 2.2 How to view BLOB data in database?


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So I have some "custom" user fields which users must fill out when they register. When I look in the database in the xf_user_profile table, it appears that all the custom fields are under one column in the table called "Custom Fields" and the entries in each row is something like [BLOB - 47B] for example. I can't see what the actual content of the custom field is.

Is there a way to view the contents of these BLOB entries? Thanks in advance.
The BLOBs are basically just JSON - you should be able to view this in MySQL CLI (but not in phpMyAdmin by default , you'd need to adjust the options).

Though it would probably be easier to just use xf_user_field_value; xf_user_profile.custom_fields is just a denormalized cache used for displaying the data.
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