XF 2.1 How to copy vBulletin database with MySql Workbench?

UPDATE: I created a guide here:


I have my old vBulletin 4.x and my new Xenforo on two different servers.

I've read this:

Note that both forums must be on the same server when importing.

If they are not, copy the database and any uploaded files (avatars, attachments, etc.) from the source forum server to the server where XF is installed.
The actual files related to the software (VB, IPB, phpBB, etc.) are not required.
Can someone please spell out the exact steps in doing this:

1) How do I copy the vBulletin database with only MySQL Workbench, and/or SSH access. (no cPanel or myPhpAdmin on old server!)
- MySQL WorkBench Menu > Server > Data Export
- Choose 'Export to a self-contained file'

- I had to uncheck 'lock-tables' in the Advanced Options menu because my user did not have lock privileges.

2) What format should it be saved in?
- An .sql file

3) What location should it be uploaded to on the new server?
- create a brand new database in the new server
- import the vBulletin sql file to the new database

4) Would the dbname, username, and password be the same after export/import?
- that info will be shown when the new db is created

5) Where would the upload files (avatars, attachments, etc.) in vBulletin 4.x be located?
6) Anything else I might need to know for the database import procedure?

Thank you. This would help me get started.
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ook. it seems like you are not really used to doing mysql related tasks. it might be a good idea to take help from someone who is more comfortable.

mysqldump command should be available on the old server ssh. it can be used to export your old database to a sql file. you can then copy the file to new server and import it into a new fresh database. import can be done using the mysql command or phpmyadmin if the database is small enough. the new database would have the name, user, password of your choice when you create it. importing would not change these details. this is just the basics of what you want to do.


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do not delete anything before you have migrated and tested for a few days. i have made a mistake in the past that caused a lot of data loss.

now that you have the sql file with you... get it on the new server. create a new database with username and password and proper permissions. phpmadmin or control panels make it easy. once you have the new database with access details... import the sql file into this new blank database using the mysql command...
Great thanks! I never would have guessed that.

P.S. I've added the answers to my question in the first post, in case anyone else needs to refer to it as a guide.

Now the next issue I've encountered is uploading the vBulletin sql dump into the newly created database.

  • phpMyAdmin has a 128MiB upload limit
  • my vBulletin SQL file is 800 MB (400 MB once it is compressed)

I'm trying a couple methods right now, but I'm not sure if they will work.