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Hello. I'm the administrator of our site, and I would like to send a conversation to every member, but, I would like to shut off those who have selected to receive email notifications of conversations. I know it has to be in one of tables in the database, but an hour of looking leaves me scratching my head.

Can someone please let me know which table and which field?

If you're wondering why I wish to do this, it is because with 1,500 members, my server only allows 500 outgoing emails per day, so, it completely overwhelms the server and so many of those are invalid emails anyway.

Thanks in advance.
You, sir, shall forever going forward be known as Sir Lawrence!

Thank you.

I did not take notice of the ">>" and thought that xf_user_alert, at the bottom of the page, was the last table in the Xenforo database. Imagine my surprise when I clicked into page two and saw all of those xf_user tables. Not sure that I still would have found what I was looking for, but I at least would have had a chance.

Again, thank you, Sir Lawrence! :) Now if I can get Siropu to make the blinking notification an option (to remove) on his wonderful chat program, I will have accomplished everything I could ask for.
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