How to upgrade a language-pack?


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I installed a language-pack and all was fine.

I changed some phrases here and there.

Now there is an upgrade...

How do I install this upgrade and keep the phrases I changed?


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Would it be correct to do it like this ?

export your "custom language" as XML-file.

upgrade software

upload a full language-package which has ALL phrases of the new XF-version (e.g. a fully translated language-file).

import your "custom language" XML-file and select "overwrite language" (not sure if I need to select "overwrite language" or anything else ?).

I guess this is the best and correct way to do it ?



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One more quesiton.

I have a parent languge someone else updates.

I have a child-languge where I make changes to the default languge.

But now I want certain phrases to NOT be translated. Like: "everything in the control-panel".
It doesn't seem to work to blank that phrase in the child-language, and I don't want to blank them in the parent language.
is there a way to do that in the child-language?


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Unedited phrases will always inherit from the parent so the only way would be to edit the phrases in the child style which would result in them not being overwritten during an upgrade but marked as outdated instead.


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Okay, one last thing.

- i have a parent language translated by someone else
- i have a child-language for my own translations

Now how do I translate an add-on with a lot of phrases? I want to do it directly in the xml, because it takes way to much time to do it one by one (hope you change that system once).

If I download the child with all the untranslated phrases, I get way to much info.
If I download it without the phrases I don'[t get the phrases i need to translate.

What would be the best way to proceed if i don't want to translate those phrases in an upgrade?