XF 1.5 how to transfer my topic to new xenforo without all hack and mods?


how to transfer my topics and Categories to new xenforo without all hack and mods ?

just topics and Categories


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It's not clear what you are trying to do.

Do you want to import an existing forum into XF?



i mean im already have forum with xenforo

if i want to make another copy from this form but without any resource or mods

can i install new forum and just restore database or what shall i do ?


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If you want to make a copy of the forum, you would create a backup of the database and restore it into a new database/server and then copy all of the files in the XenForo folder to the new location (and adjust library/config.php to point to the new database). You can then uninstall the add-ons from this new, copied installation.