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I've got an issue on my forums where users with different emails and different ip's are soliciting. What's the best way to stop this? Here is an example of what I'm talking about:



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I make it so the first few posts have to be manually approved.

The spam button is a saver.

I check my site every 20-30 minutes and nobody seems to mind.

Keeps the site clean and prevents it showing in public.




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1)Under Options/Spam Management, just set it to:
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.56.04 PM.jpg
EDIT: Be sure and see Xon's suggestion below.
2)Create a Notice saying:
Do not post a link -or- email address until you have made three posts, as it will be rejected as SPAM.
with the User Criteria being User has Posted No More than _2_ Messages.

This way, users who have not yet posted at least 2 messages will SEE this Notice and be aware of such. If they choose to go on and attempt to solicit others (before they have made 2 posts), then the post is automatically put into the Moderation que.

Lastly, another method is to use @Xon's Crowd Moderation add-on so all other members can help you keep an eye out for anything that you consider unwanted solicitations.
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