XF 1.3 How to setup compulsory Payment

Hey Everyone.

I have a community that I am building on Xenforo. I wanted to understand how I can setup compulsory membership/payment to access the forum.

What i am trying to achieve is a trial period for 30 days, and then recurring monthly billing.
I would also like the ability to manually setup the accounts rather than end user registration (if possible).

I have looked around User Upgrades, and also the Waindigo user upgrade Add On but not sure how it all fits together. I was thinking that payment details will need to be entered upon registration OR after the trail period expires, they need to enter a credit card / PayPal If there is not a current paid account or payment doesn't go through, then i don't want them to have any access to the forum (not even read only).

If someone could steer me in the right direction and if this is possible, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Out of the box, I don't think it's possible. You could possibly to a user group promotion that applied while they had been registered less than 30 days and then a user upgrade that they could purchase, both putting them in the "paid" group that had the necessary permissions. (The base registered group would have minimal permissions.) If you don't want the trial period, you can skip the user group promotion and force people to purchase the upgrade immediately.

Any other approach would require an add-on and I can't speak to their functionality.