XF 2.2 How to setup forum in a sub folder


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I'm trying to switch from PHPbb to xenforo and I have managed to get xenforo installed and phpBB imported into my new xenforo forum. Everything is looking pretty good so far.

My phpBB forum was in the public_html root directory of my cPanel. However to do the new setup I installed xenforo into a subfolder "forumxf" I can access the new forum by going to "mydomain.com/forumxf" and my phpBB forum obviously still works with "mydomain.com".

So my problem is this, I believe I could simply cleanout the root contents of public_hmtl and then move the contents of the subfolder forumxf into public_html. Not sure if that's entirely correct but much searching leads me to believe it is. However for cleanliness sake I'd really like to keep everything in the forumxf subdirectory and simply have "mydomain.com" use the subfolder instead. That's where I'm having the issue I can't seem to find a clean answer on how to do that, I found some info saying I needed to change my htaccess file in the root folder but that didn't seem to have any impact at all on my setup. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Archive or delete the phpbb files in the domain root.

Move the XF files to the domain root.

Update the Board URL in the ACP.
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