how to see the IP-address of user and how to run the IP spam checker against them ?


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I do have a few member-profiles which are definitely spam.

how to see the IP-address of those users and how to run the IP spam checker against them ?

Appreciate your help!


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Hi Brogan,

sorry, but there is nothing there regsrding the IP-address of the user.
I already applied the spam-cleaner on that user, but can not find the IP-address of that user in order to ban the IP-address as well.

the spam-user did not post any forum-messages, but posted adult-links into his own profile status-messages (visible also at the "recent-activities").

Many thanks!


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The registration IP address shows on the spam cleaner overlay.

There is also an IP link on profile posts.


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it does not show any IP on the spam cleaner overlay.

still running XF 1.0.0

Although within ACP, the "Spam Cleaner Default Options:" is activated to "Check spammer's IPs"


I strongly recommend to upgrade to 1.0.4 by the way.. It has many bug fixes, new features, and improvements for quite a few existing features. Ensuring you have the best experience, helps you get the best results.

- backup
- test upgrade in a separate account / database
- live upgrade


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I now have a user for which I do not see his IP-address in the Spam-cleaner at all.

Within ACP I have set the "Spam Management" to "Maximum Days Since Registration: 500 days" since the user registered in February this year. The user never made any postings in the Forum or Profile.

Still, I do not see the IP-address of this user in ACP.

Is this a XF-bug or am I still doing anything wrong ???

Also, I do not understand what is the reason that XF is not showing me the IP of all users by default. What is the benefit of IP-addresses of users to disappear and are not showing to the Admin? Why are there so many options in ACP and then IP-addresses of users suddenly disappear in ACP ? Sorry, but this does not make any sense to me.......