XF 1.1 How to make forum.site.(name of the forum)

Hello, I installed Xenforo 1.1.1 today to my site.
The folder I chose was forum.mysite.com
And then after when I come to forum tree, the adress is
How to make the adress look like forum.mysite.com/main-forum.2/ ?
It is very important to resolve, because I want to put some other information on the main page of my site
What to do?
forum.mysite.com (this is the folder where I uploaded forum files)

To be clear I want my forums to look like forum.mysite.com/forumabouteverything
and so on :)
any recipe how to do this?
What you will advise me to do better - reinstall to the root category site. com or just leave it like this? I know that on the other site, which uses vb 3 series have same adress forum.site.com and all forum links goes without duplication of "forums" , is it some kind of hack they have?