XF 1.2 How to install add-on from uploaded file

The option exists to "Install from uploaded file". However, the add-ons I've seen have been XML + supporting files in a ZIP, and this installation method does not seem to support that. I've had to upload using an FTP client.

Am I missing something-- is it possible to install an add-on, e.g. Widgets, via this method?

If not, I might suggest it? it was a user-friendly way of installing add-ons in SMF. I think it required validating FTP credentials obviously but it was all wrapped up in that zip, easy to manage.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The XML file must be uploaded to the server before you can specify the server path to install from. In my addons I include a copy of the XML file in the /library/<Addon>/ directory for this purpose. Not all addons do this.