XF 1.5 How to get Xenforo generate sitemap more often?

I checked the log, the interval is every 2 days, is this the time the sitemap be re-generate and submit to search engines? Is it possible to adjust it to every 6 or 12 hours?



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@Chris D - or anyone


What does "Any" mean on this cron entry page? Is that the same as "All" ?

It gives you the option:

- Any
- Mon
- Tue
- Wed
- Thu
- Fri
- Sat
- Sun

So do you highlight all the "days" if you want it to run every day, or do you just select "Any" ?

Technically Any is grammatically wrong if its supposed to be equivilent to all. Any means it could run maybe Monday one week and maybe Friday another week.


My goal: I would like it to update the XML file hourly. Which options do I select to accomplish that?

See attached image - does this set it to:

1) Every day of the week
2) Every hour of the day
3) On the 1st minute of every hour?

Its really confusing........................