XF 1.4 Sitemap issue when submitting to Google

I'm submitting my sitemap to Google

I've done this previously with Xenforo without any issue, however I checked my setup today and I am getting this error.

I have not edited my sitemap. I have not done anything to modify my sitemap. Even visiting my sitemap.php downloads a sitemap-1.xml.gz. Just Google is throwing an error at me.

My current version of Xenforo is 1.4.6. I just upgraded from 1.4.5 today just to see if it resolved the sitemap problem.

I've attached my sitemap.php in case you want to look at it. As far as I know this is the vanilla normal sitemap.php that comes when you install Xenforo.

Let me know if there is anything more that you need from me.



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Google seems to be implying that they downloaded an HTML page in the sitemap. It's hard to say what went wrong as I did just download your sitemap without issue. Perhaps your server was having problems or perhaps there are server blocks that were preventing Google from accessing the correct file?
I'd question my site setup/server as well but not only are both you and I able to download the sitemap, but the mediawiki installation in the same directory is able to submit its sitemap with no issue.

Unfortunately, Googling "Unbound XML namespace prefix." only really results to Android app development links. I'm afraid I am somewhat stuck now.


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Unfortunately, as I can download it without issue and Google isn't actually showing us what file errored, it not really something that can be easily debugged. As I mentioned, it looks like Google downloaded something other than the sitemap. It's hard to say why. It could be a one-off error and you can confirm that by building the sitemap again to any seeing if Google has an error again; you may also want to look at your raw access logs to see the response code/content length returned when Google accesses the file. Otherwise, if it's persistent, you may want to check elements of server/site configuration: is something preventing Google from receiving the content it expects? (eg, some sort of anti-DoS system, IP blocking, etc)