XF 2.2 Duplicate pages (according to Google) because of prefix filter

Mr Lucky

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Excuse me if this is a Google issue not xenforo and if so please move

I am getting a nag from Google Search Console about a so-called duplicate page

Referring page: https://cafesaxophone.com/forums/saxophones-accessories-discussion.16/page-117?prefix_id=17

User-declared canonical: https://cafesaxophone.com/forums/saxophones-accessories-discussion.16/page-58

Google-selected canonical: https://cafesaxophone.com/forums/saxophones-accessories-discussion.16/page-59?prefix_id=17

NB: I have my own prefix filter menu block on those pages, but I think that is not relevant as it is the exact same links as in the xenForo prefix filter dropdown.

I find this error odd because:
  • The referring page (page 117) does not exist as there are only 59 pages when filter with prefix id17. Oddly that referrer link actually redirects to page 59
  • The user declared canonical when you filter and go to page 59 shows correctly as <link rel="canonical" href="https://cafesaxophone.com/forums/saxophones-accessories-discussion.16/page-59" />
  • The Google selected canonical is very weird as it is not only the wrong page, but includes the query string to the prefix which is never part pdf the canonical I believe
  • The content is not duplicate anyway!
Can someone please explain, is this just Google getting it wrong? Me doing something wrong? Or (least likely) xenForo doing something wrong? Or what?

Many thanks in advance for any kind and helpful responses