XF 1.4 How to get rid of the [New Profile Posts] Tab on New Posts

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With the addition of the New Profile Posts tab ...
More users will will see Profile posts.
And Read them.
And post their own.

Some sites will like this.
Some will not.

You can see the effect happening here at Xenforo.com already.

As an admin, you might want to remove the [New Profile Posts] tab before it gets popular.

Anyone know how to remove the [New Profile Posts] tab ? And replace it with a [New Resources] tab ?


To Remove the [New Profile Posts] Tab.

Solution 1:
Just add that to your extra.css so that after you've disabled all permissions the tabs related to finding new profile posts go away. Most browsers support this excluding IE 6, but who gives a damn about that. [source]

Solution 2:
Add this to extra.css
.find_new_posts_none .tabs li:last-child , .find_new_posts .tabs li:last-child {display:none;}
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Well, the sidebar feature can be disabled in the admin.

Profile comment permissions have been set to None. That only leaves the tabs on the "new posts" page.

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In general, Profile posts are of low quality. It could be fun for members. But it will definitely be a spam target. Seems like an ideal method for attention whores.
It's an easy way to "Get attention".

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Profile posts are often off topic irrelevance.
Xenforo.com should consider removing the New Profile Posts sidebar ... I'm not sure the off topic blathering deserves such a high profile location.

Seems like it'll create lots of work for Moderators.