How to duplicate a live site to use as a test site


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if you have a huge forum (mine is 12GB MySQL data) you will run into problems, even if you use mysqldump to transfer the data:
mysqldump --user=name --password=passwd db_name | mysql --user=name --password=passwd db_name_test
This should work, but doesn't for me. I get timeouts.

My solution:
I cose my forum. Then copy the three biggest tables one after each other:
mysqldump --user=name --password=passwd db_name xf_post| mysql --user=name --password=passwd db_name_test
mysqldump --user=name --password=passwd db_name xf_search_index | mysql --user=name --password=passwd db_name_test
mysqldump --user=name --password=passwd db_name xf_bb_code_parse_cache | mysql --user=name --password=passwd db_name_test

And then I do the rest in one go:
mysqldump --user=name --password=passwd --ignore-table=db_name.xf_post --ignore-table=db_name.xf_search_index --ignore-table=db_name.xf_bb_code_parse_cache db_name| mysql --user=name --password=passwd db_name_test

Maybe it helps somebody...


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Does that mean that if I make changes to a style (in this case an Audentio style), those changes are saved somewhere in the files and not in the database? I only need to clone the look and feel of the site and add a blank database to it, so that a designer can work on tweaking the site without having access to content or member info.


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If you want to replicate the style, export it from the ACP and import it into the test forum.

You will also need to copy the style directory, if there is one.
@Brogan or anyone, I successfully made a test version of my live site but when I try to view anything I get an error saying The requested page could not be found.

I updated my config file correctly and made sure the test DB matched my live DB, but I don't see why things aren't showing up?


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My database (of live site) was more than 1GB and I was able to import 128m in wamp.
Then I edited php.ini in php and apache folder and increased 3 values (upload_max_filesize - post_max_size - memory_limit).
Now (after restarting services and also pc) phpmyadmin is showing a blank page.
Any idea will be appreciated.


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It's simply going to be something related to the dump and restore process.
Or even with the local server stack.

It's not really possible to provide support for local test installations (for obvious reasons), so you will need to check the process and ensure the integrity of the files and database.


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Now everything is Done and I have my forum on localhost.
ACP is fully working and no problem, but None of the links in front-end is working. (just index page of forum is showing just like live forum. But when I click on any link, it says for example: The requested URL /xenforo/threads/21869/unread was not found on this server. )
Any idea?