XF 2.2 How to disable emojis but keep smilies?


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I've looked this up a lot and I've see time and time again by Borgan, or Chris:

However, I cannot find anywhere that actually showcases how to do this. I've searched Smilies, and found

Yet again, there's no sign of disabling these smilies.

Look at how awful this looks. I don't want random smilies being displayed over emojis. I think it looks out of place and not good. I'd like to have all smilies removed and simply keep my custom made emojis. If I could get some help on how to do this, that'd be amazing :) Thank you all in advance.
if you have converted your database to the emoji compatible format, i do not see how xenforo can provide an option to disable emoji considering they are part of the character set. as in they are not images... they are characters like abcdef. it would have to convert all emoji characters to text format like it does for censored keywords.
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