How to deal with ads in the responsive design?

Stuart Wright

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Since fetching an ad for a page counts as an impression, it's not a good idea to fetch more ads than we absolutely need to show.
So do we serve the ads for the known width and leave it there?
That might not work so well when swapping between landscape and portrait on an iPhone.
Anyone aware of any known methods of dealing with this?


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Chris D

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It's DFP.

Just found this, a few paragraphs in, it mentions responsive design:

We’re investing to make it easier for publishers to manage advertising across devices with tools like the Google Publisher Tag, which automatically selects the appropriate ad for the screen size (aka “responsive design”).
However, this:

Doesn't mention anything about responsive design.

Do you have people at DFP who might be able to give some insight into the responsive design comments in relation to the "new" Google Publisher Tag?

Sounds interesting.