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RM 1.1 How to create another " Categories " heading.


Active member
Was wondering how one can create another " Categories " heading.
Not a category I know how to create those.

But the very main Categories at the top that topics are under, and how to make another one
and make active. Seems it would be possible but I cant seem to find any directions for RM in the XF that
explains the use in that area.



Active member
Awww thats too bad was really hoping it would be something in there so it was not just one long list without interruption.
I would request that as a addon to it, but not sure how I could word it so people knew I meant Categories, not the Category
Still struggling using the prefixes, they never seem to work like they should so was hoping this would be an option.
Anyways thanks I will refresh my prefix questions and see if I can get more help on it and make those work.