How to create a good Bug Report?


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Hello Staff Members,
With xenForo nearing it's first Stable Release, I find it useful to write something new for this thread:'s why I wrote this, maybe you can find it useful and stick it there?
It contains everything (in my eyes) for a good bug report :)

Please only reply to this thread with suggestions to make these rules better or suggest new ones.

Here's a guide on how to file a good bug report.
The better the bug report, the easier the bug can be found and fixed.

Here's how a bug report should look:
  • The title should be descriptive yet short. A brief but descriptive title.
  • In the post, provide all the information you can give. Nothing is unimportant.
  • Please provide as much screenshots as possible.
  • If you know a possible fix, feel free to provide it, maybe you're even smarter than the developer?
  • Please let us know what xF Versions are affected. If you only tested it on one version, say so.
  • Please tell us what browser you are using, we also need the version number of the browser. Browser versions can mostly by found in the "About BrowserName" section.
  • Please provide the URL of your board, so we can check it ourself. If you don't feel like sharing, you can always send it to a staff member.
  • Before filing the bug report, it can come handy to revert your templates or to reupload some affected files. This may fix your issue.
  • Please tell us what you did exactly. Try and tell us in steps so we can try to reproduce it.
Please search before you file a bug, it may already be filed or fixed.

If this is done, I'm guessing Bug Fixing will go even smoother :D