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How to change the color of chooser and -hover?



I dont know how i can change the very light blue of the chooser and its hover color.
I have tried to add .footer .choosers to the Extra.css but that does not work.


Thanks, it did ;)
Maybe you can also help me with changing the names of style and language chooser like in the picture?
Some of my users have problems with changing the style and/or language. To put it clearly, I would like to swap the descriptions.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can change any of the phrases in the ACP.

Just search for the text you want to change and edit the phrase.
Oh hang on, I've just realised you want to switch the position of the selected style/style chooser text and the same for the language.

I'll have to check the template for that to see what needs to be changed.