XF 1.2 How to change default user group id

Hi all,

We converted our vbulletin forum to xenforo recently.
So far so good.

Is there anyway to change default registered users group id ?

some forum users say that there
is a static variable in upload\library\XenForo\Model\User.php
public static $defaultRegisteredGroupId = 2;

I changed this value to a new value but nothing has happened.

Is there any other place that i need to update.

Thankx for your reply.


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Why do you want to change the ID?
For what purpose?

There are four hard coded user groups in XenForo, Registered being one of them.

I would not recommend editing the code in this way.
Actually we want to disable new users to post.
After 3 days of registration, we want to enable them for posting.

We think we can make this real by using user groups and trophies.

1 - After user signs up, add this user a user group with less priviledge. (can not post) - thats why we need to change the default user group.
2- After 3 days, promote him to a new group which can

This is our scenerio. Is there any simple way to make this happen ?

Is trophies work for previos users ?
We actually try this but older users are not promoted to new group.

Can you summarize how cron jobs work for user promotions ?


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It is based on recent activity.

If members have not logged in for a while, there is a code edit posted somewhere to apply the cron to all users.