XF 2.1 How to chaneg default user group "Registered" to something else? (Trying to integreat phone verification)


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I'm trying to integrate a phone verification system to my forum.
So I create a new user group that has very limited permissions, such as No private messaging, no reactions, etc.
Then display a notice to the criteria that members are only in that limited permission group, saying "Please verify your phone number or something like that (I don't have a fully automated system, so I am planning to interactive with them at the beginning)
Then I create a user group promotion to put that user into the "Registered" group.

But right after they create the account and verify their email, xenforo system automatically puts that user into the primary group "Registered". Is there a way to change this behavior?
Or is there any better way you can suggest to me?


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Never touch primary user group.

You would need to create an add-on which ask users to verify their phone number and once verified they will be added to a secondary user group which will grant them the special permissions.